Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!


Can you believe it, another new year already?! Insane! But it's been a good, and a very blessed, 2010. I hope that each of you have a lovely time celebrating with friends & family.
See you in 2011!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ringing in the New Year!

So, not throwing a NYE party myself, but thought it would be fun to throw out some ideas that might inspire other great parties for 2011 elsewhere!

Two ideas that are completely opposite but might appeal to the masses:
a cozy cabin get-away with a view of snow and warmth inside, or
a glamorous soiree full of sequins and fabulousness.

For the cozy cabin get-away...


Fireworks in the snow, maybe be a little bon fire and a glass of champagne? Yes, please!



Then wake up to pumkin pancakes on the first day of 2011 (that is, if you plan to sleep at all ;).
(recipe/image at

For the glitz and glam...



I love this color combination and that everything looks so fresh!

There are also some great recipes on this blog, check'em out!
(via Hostess with the Mostess at

A White Christmas for 2010!

I am sorry I've been a little MIA from my blog as of late, but am hoping to get some inspiring posts in before the New Year as way of catching up.

How was your Christmas?? We had a great one, because it was a WHITE Christmas here in the middle of the south! Probably got about 6-7 inches at our house, totally surprised us both! So of course, we (and the rest of our neighborhood) took advantage of our massive hill in the backyard and enjoyed some sledding, a mini-bon fire, some mimosas, and hanging with family and friends in the snow.
Here are some pictures from our Christmas extravaganza!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Color Inspiration by Color Collective

If you're looking for some color ideas or images for inspiration, you should check out Color Collective, a blog created by Lauren Willhite to act as a designer's resource for color. The images she collects and shares on this blog are amazing -- from fashion to art to interiors or even event design.

Here's a quick sampling of images that inspire me from her blog. Check it out!

Rocker Rehab

This rocker has been through rehab! Found it at America's Thrift Store, had structural interest, but several dings in the raw wood state we original discovered it in. Painted white to match our other many white things, and plan to make some fun cushions for it to make it more cozy.

Tree is up!

Went a little plain again -- what can I say? I like the tree the way it is, so didn't want the ornaments to take away from it... but I may find a few extra things to add to it. Here it is!

I think Guapo is in the Christmas spirit, too ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm attending Lavish! "unconference" in ATL on December 10th with my sis, (who you can also visit at just for fun!

Looking forward to it and will share when I return.

Another Week in November

Wrapping up before this crazy week gets going for me. Here are some roses from my amazing knockout rose bush -- I put them right where I will see them the most to keep spirits up a bit -- on the kitchen table.

Looking forward to sharing some other projects with you that we're currently working on. Until then, hope you have a lovely week!

For Now

I know I just posted on Christmas decor, but want you to know that I am still in "fall mode" and probably will be until after T-day. Here is a nice (and probably most obvious) way to bring the outdoors inside with you to cheer things up a bit, especially on this cold rainy Sunday: BRANCHES! :D

decking the halls

Been thinking about how I want to decorate the house this Christmas. Josh says he definitely wants to put lights on the house, ha, so stay tuned for that one :)

Here's a photo of our tree from last year. Had like birds, lime green/silver ornaments, and some tiny disco balls -- sounds crazy, but was really simple actually.

I liked the simplicity, but am wanting to do something different this year. I will most likely be making my own decorations if possible, so will post that process when the time comes.

Speaking of making your decorations, here are some great holiday DIY ideas:

(photo and instructions courtesy of apartmenttherapy)

And here are some great tablescapes to get you inspired for the holidays:

How luxurious is this last table setting?! Would love to go to that dinner party :)

So, how do you plan to decorate for the holidays, (that is, if you haven't done so already)?

dujour mag

(photo courtesy of dujour mag)

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Life's been a little busy, but will try to make up for it with a couple new posts today!

I've been trying to relax today because I am about to experience one of the busiest weeks this year at work. Eating the last of my apple crisp pie, drinking plantation mint tea, and reading blogs. I just discovered a new blog that I will be frequenting, dujour mag. Go check it out for great recipes, party ideas, decor, fashion, and all thing girly! I love it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Week

Before I begin another hectic week, I am enjoying a restful morning filled with coffee, blueberry muffins, and blogs. Here are some inspirational images I've gathered over the last week or so. Hope they inspire you to.

Have a lovely week!

(Emersonmade - LOVE IT)

(Parlour via MadebyGirl - that pendant is a giant lantern covered with coffee filters, amazing)

Yard Progress

We're now at that point where plants/mulch/siding/pavers are all in, but are still tweaking the gardening along the way. Also, there are future plans to re-do the porch (wood is rotten), and paint the house. To be continued...

Here's what we've got so far.

Plants are expensive, hence the tiny bushes -- they'll grow! Also, please excuse the grass (or lack there of) -- it's also growing with the help of lots of water and fertilizer.

We re-used the stones from the old garden bed for retaining walls and step stones.

The mailbox was an unplanned project for this weekend. Was originally a dull gray with old shiny number stickers. Didn't think it was necessary to replace, so painted with white latex exterior paint, placed numbers, removed the weeds and put down new mulch. The vine is a swamp jasmine that has yellow blooms in the spring.

Pink knockout roses. I'm not you're typical "pink roses" kind of girl, but thought these were nice (and they'll do well in the sun). I'm told they have more blooms than the hot pink ones, and so far, that seems to be true.