Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Inspiration: Cutie-pa-tootie Beach House

How adorable is this place? While it may be a little too cute for me, I really like a lot of the fun color/pattern combos along with it's sense of cheeriness. Found at House Beautiful. Enjoy!

Concrete Book Ends

Another pretty cool idea from Chez Larsson. Instructions can be found here.

Hangin' the Gi'tar

Josh and I bought 2 wall mounts to hang our guitars on in our living room. When he began drilling into the wall, he became too concerned about the plaster/lath walls and it's ability to support the 'tars so dropped the idea... I would still like to resurrect this idea because I think we will be alright. And it would look pretty sweet, too :)

Here is an example of hanging a guitar from Chez Larsson. I think it's funny, we have the same opinion about these wall mounts... that they are hideous and should therefore be painted white.
Once we get these hung in our own house, I'll post pictures.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Visual Feast

There is just a lot to take in here. Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

DIY: Dying Burlap

Really liked this idea and the "hombre" look it creates -- also via DesignSponge.

Piping 101

This is something I need to learn and thought I would share - go to DesignSponge for full instructions.

Happy Weekend!

Some Dining Room Favorites