Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kitchens Too Pretty Too Dirty Up

I just love these! Makes me want to paint my kitchen cabinets...

Dining Room Frames Project

We had to put something on this wall, it had been bare since July 2009. So, I opted for a really cheap fix: thrift store frames. I collected a bunch of these frames, some that even had crazy mushroom paintings from the 60's, removed any/all inserts that the previous owners considered "art," and began painting. Took a few coats, but we like the results. And, it probably cost me around $15.

TIP: To hang your frames, first take a large sheet of butcher paper and roll it out on the floor or table. Then, take your frames and lay them out to get an idea of how you want them hung up on the wall. Once you've made a decision, trace the frames. Then, take that sheet of butcher paper, tape to wall (lightly), and hammer nails at the top of each outline of each frame. Once that's done, simply remove the butcher paper and hang the frames.

Yard Update

I have totally neglected this blog so I thought it might be time to post SOMETHING. All this rainy weather has me missing the beautiful weekend we had in Chattanooga a couple weeks back. Josh and I worked in the yard all weekend, and believe it or not, I actually got sunburned... yes, I'm THAT pale ;)

Here is the progress we've made with the yard:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Have Wallpaper...

When you can just use a stencil? These days, wallpaper is often times frowned upon, but sometimes the prints still lure interior decor enthusiasts in. Now, you can skip the wallpaper hassle (and cost) and go with a stencil design instead. Great when considering the sale of your home and what future potential buyers will think.

Here are a couple of my favorites. Thinking I might like to get one! More painting, sure, but a nice change that adds interest to an otherwise ordinary room. Found these at Enjoy!

DIY Jewelry: Hex Bracelet

Saw this on and love it, so wanted to share with you!
Learn how you can take this:

and turn it into this -- pretty!