Saturday, April 24, 2010

Japanese Floral Arranging

So some friends and I went to a Japanese floral arranging class at a local florist shop, Grafe Studio, this past Monday. We studied the "Ikebana" style that emphasizes organic materials, asymmetry, and minimalism. This style of floral arranging focuses on shape, line, form, and he scalene triangle.

There are five different Ikebana styles, but we actually created
a "Moribana" style arrangement, which means "piling up of flowers." These are usually in flat, wide vases and composed 3 additional plant materials: Shin, Soe, and Tai. Each of these have to be angled in unnaturally yet have different heights to symbolize sky, tree, and earth.

I don't think I followed this exactly, but I wanted to actually like what I was making, so here it is.