Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Week

Before I begin another hectic week, I am enjoying a restful morning filled with coffee, blueberry muffins, and blogs. Here are some inspirational images I've gathered over the last week or so. Hope they inspire you to.

Have a lovely week!

(Emersonmade - LOVE IT)

(Parlour via MadebyGirl - that pendant is a giant lantern covered with coffee filters, amazing)

Yard Progress

We're now at that point where plants/mulch/siding/pavers are all in, but are still tweaking the gardening along the way. Also, there are future plans to re-do the porch (wood is rotten), and paint the house. To be continued...

Here's what we've got so far.

Plants are expensive, hence the tiny bushes -- they'll grow! Also, please excuse the grass (or lack there of) -- it's also growing with the help of lots of water and fertilizer.

We re-used the stones from the old garden bed for retaining walls and step stones.

The mailbox was an unplanned project for this weekend. Was originally a dull gray with old shiny number stickers. Didn't think it was necessary to replace, so painted with white latex exterior paint, placed numbers, removed the weeds and put down new mulch. The vine is a swamp jasmine that has yellow blooms in the spring.

Pink knockout roses. I'm not you're typical "pink roses" kind of girl, but thought these were nice (and they'll do well in the sun). I'm told they have more blooms than the hot pink ones, and so far, that seems to be true.